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But now, new dating websites are cropping up to take the guesswork out of pinning down political leanings.One site, Trump specifically caters to fans of the divisive real estate billionaire.And that has to change, say carrier executives and industry experts — even if it means dangling ,000, ,000 a year in front of recruits.While winning over one Linda Be Bout is a great start, it's become increasingly clear that wooing 39,999 more like her is going to take some doing.Adored by millions of Americans, Trump is reviled by at least as many, some of whom are still mourning his election last month as America's next president and the defeat of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.A similar site was set up for supporters of Bernie Sanders, the tousle-haired Vermont senator whose fiery rhetoric and embrace of environmental causes earned him a fervent and loyal following among liberals and voters under the age of 30.Recently unionized drivers push for enforcement of mandated rest periods, and pay for on-call time CHICAGO—At 59 years old, Roland Bibb never thought he would spend his days waiting by the phone.

So far Renzenberger has resisted the workers' demands along with the union’s demand for pay increases and paid sick days and holidays.

It is needless to say that time to time modification and updation is required to retain the visitors to the website to achieve web success.

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' Making Dating Great Again' Trump Singles says it has registered 12,000 people with a goal of "Making Dating Great Again"—a riff on Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.

Unlike conventional dating sites such as and OKCupid, the site screens its users to ensure they are not trolls seeking to make trouble, but truly supporters of the president-elect, who takes the oath of office next month.

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