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Although self-signed certificates work perfectly well for internal communication between Hub Transport servers, and between Hub Transport and Edge Transport servers, it’s not recommended to use them for any client communication on an ongoing basis.

For most deployments, you will end up purchasng a certificate from a trusted public s.

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When we create a certificate request what we are doing is creating a request for a certificate that we can provide to the likes of Go Daddy that tells them to create a certificate that trusts the domains names ( or Subject Alternative Names ) that we specify.Checked Outlook Web App and Outlook Anywhere, both were working fine.After an hour I received a text (SMS) message from another user: "Activesync not working anymore? Yes, the Windows Mobile devices generated an error regarding certificates.First, ‘Get-Exchange Certificate |FL’ – this displays all information about the currently assigned certificates and the status of each certificate.It is common that they may be more than one certificate listed in the display – if that is the case, find the in the field ‘Not After‘ – as this defines when each certificate becomes invalid/expired.

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