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As each user logs off, the PC is restarted and again comes in a clean state.

Any nasties or personal information left on them are then wiped and the machine is ready for the next user.

The first version of Bit Locker, which shipped with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, protected only one volume: the OS drive.

In Server 2008 and Vista SP1, Microsoft added support for Bit Locker protection of different volumes, including local data volumes.

Thirdly, classification can help an organisation to meet legal and regulatory requirements for retrieving specific information within a set timeframe, and this is often the motivation behind implementing data classification technology.

However, data strategies differ greatly from one organisation to the next, as each generates different types and volumes of data.

Unfortunately Sophos have made this installer an application and not an installer package.

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Bit Locker is a valuable security add-on to the Windows OS.

Sophos have gone from being one of the best Mac enterprise anti-virus solutions to (perhaps) the worst. Multi-platform organisations are likely to have a Windows server (or more than one) and can therefore run Sophos Enterprise Console to create and manage a Mac installer for Sophos Anti-Virus. Previously Mac only organisations could use Sophos Update Manager to do much the same on a Mac server.

Unfortunately SUM only supports SAV8 and does not support SAV9.

Bit Locker can help organizations to save money because they don't need to invest in special third-party disk-encryption software.

But organizations are often reluctant to implement Bit Locker because of its deployment and management complexity.

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