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If you just read the Help SU is Changing article in this issue or watched our Sneak Peek of Services Portal video, you may have picked up on the plug for a couple of new ways you can get answers to your IT questions starting Dec. “Providing great IT support encompasses many things, including easy access to information that solves your problem and gets you back to work as quickly as possible,” said Jon Russell, director of the UIT Service Desk.“For years, calling 5-HELP and submitting a Help SU ticket have been the primary avenues for getting this information and support. Companies are often unable to fetch or find ways to receive satisfactory client feedback.This has encouraged Tagove to develop a platform in the form of Live Chat software, a reliable way to grow your business effectively.The customer has total control over a one way or two way video chat.Making sure they feel comfortable communicating over the web, by either showing or hiding their identity.Moreover, the screen sharing features has shown incredible results in boosting sales and increasing customer loyalty in the long term.

The December release of the Services Portal includes hundreds of articles with answers to the most common questions the Service Desk staff answer. Just use the Feedback tab at the bottom of the page, right next to the Live Chat tab.

You can open a new chat by clicking on the New Chat button on the upper left side of the screen.

Type in a number or choose a name from your contact list. Step #3: If you want to continue an older conversation, you can do so by simply clicking on the contact’s name.

Two-way text messaging can be extremely effective in organising SMS marketing campaigns, encouraging prospects to take action, obtaining reviews and increasing engagement.

Here’s how you can use our two-way SMS chat feature: Step #1: Log in to your Text Magic account or sign up for a new account. Step #2: All your two-way SMS chats will be displayed in the dashboard.

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