Dating gumtree Video chat strangers sexy

I've been trying to sell my dds old bed on gumtree for 6 weeks, and have had loads of msgs, asking various questions but nobody ever turns up. Yes they haven't got the guts to ring and ask for the item for less so they txt .

Worst was last night a woman said she was coming in half hour, so I brought the bed downstairs and waited and she never even turned up! If you try to ring them to discuss it they don't answer he phone.

Yesterday i sold my quinny pram on gumtree to a lady, whose partner came up to pick, she lives about 30 miles away.

Today i had a call that the tyre has went flat and she wants to return it back.... If the tyre has really become flat, that was not how i sold it and checked everything before giving to that guy, even demonstrated the opening, closing, recline etc.

I offered it to someone else who collected it within days no issues.i havent taken a warranty to fix if anything goes wrong?and clearly about the raincover/hood thing i am sure she is lying as it was not how i sold.A care worker whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase in a dried-up pond had been on a date with a man she met on the internet before she was killed, it emerged today.Leah Questin was last seen two weeks ago as she went to meet the man she had met on advertising site Gumtree.

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